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What I do

Let me help you re-organise and declutter your life.  Do you feel stressed when you open that wardrobe or cupboard door? I can assist you bring calm back into your world with the use of clever storage solutions and an excellent PA background gained over many years.  This can be put to use however you require be it organising your appointments/Personal Shopping/Meal Planning/Administration/Travel arrangements, the list goes on.  Please contact me to discuss your needs and I will do my best to restore calm in your life.


What we offer

I can offer you a free consultation in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you to discuss your needs and requirements.  I have many years experience behind me and look forward to sitting down with you to discuss the way forward and   helping you relax!  


About Us


About Me

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Cheryl, 45 years old and a total utter Neat Freak!  Freshly married with three busy children (two of which are now adults), you could say that I have  got my work cut out. Discreet, unbiased and totally unjudgemental, I will work with you to create your perfect environment.


My Past

I am a trained PA with vast experience in organisation, time management, secretarial skills, administraion and many other attributes gained along the way including a large dose of O.C.D. Yes I love minimal, things in order, tins facing the right way and the list goes on but above all, I like to open a cupboard/drawer/wardrobe/Office door and feel pleasure - not pain!



If you are struggling to come to terms with an unruley/bursting wardrobe, if your cupboards are full of out of date products, clothes you no longer wear or have an office that you can't concentrate in, then I can help. When working with you, my passion is your happiness and I promise that I will bring calm and organisation to your home or office.

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We love our customers, so feel free to call at any time, we do our best to respond as quickly as possible as your happiness is our passion.

'The Neat Freak' Cheryl Iddon


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Highly Recommended!

We have known and worked with Cheryl for years.  Not only is she one of the most energetic, hard-working people ever, she's not kidding - shes a TOTAL Neat Freak.  Our business storage unit was a complete disaster, everything very disorganised, and the space terribly cluttered.  Cheryl sorted the whole thing out in less than half a day - we now have a full shelving unit free, and loads of empty boxes - who knew we had so much spare storage?

Very reasonable rates and a thoroughly professional job - highly recommended!

Ben Swift - Owner Beautiful Productions

Amazing Service

Cheryl is always the lady I call upon when I need help!  She has helped me pack and unpack on a move where she worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was boxed and labelled correctly then met us at the other end to  put away.   Recently I had a major operation and had her help me around the house, organising my laundry, my diary with appointments, the children and ..... she even cooked!  I dont know where I would be without her.  Extremely hard working, nothing is too much trouble and fantastic rates - an absolute godsend and to top it off, a really nice lady.

Lisa, Bramhall

My Amazing Kitchen!

I would like to say thank you and recommend Cheryl Iddon (The Neat Freak).  She recently decluttered and reorganised my kitchen.  I was getting in a pickle with my unruly cupboards, I could never find anything and had no specific location to put anything.  In just a few hours she totally stripped it all out, cleaned it and reorganised everything making it easy for me to find things and prepare meals for my family again. It is is such a relief and makes a massive difference to the time spent in the kitchen.  Going to get her back for my wardrobes!

Sue, Cheadle