Decluttering, tidying and organising homes, offices and lives throughout Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester…

Hi, I’m Cheryl Iddon a professional declutterer and organiser dedicated to decluttering, tidying and organising your home, life and office. Whatever you need to make your life easier, I can help you!

I provide a professional, unique and personal decluttering and organising services bespoke to your needs. My decluttering services span all areas of Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester.


Too much ‘Stuff’ creates stress and can be exhausting! If you have too many possessions, are struggling to ‘let go’ and are overwhelmed, unsure where to start, then The Neat Freak’s un-judgemental approach will help you through your declutter journey – assisting, advising and encouraging changes that will help you fall in love with your space again.




Hi, I’m Cheryl (The Neat Freak)

A Cheshire, Stockport and Manchester declutterer and home and lifestyle organiser.

Many years ago I worked as a PA in London supporting MD’s and Directors of large companies in every aspect of the office including managing diaries and organising travel and agendas whilst simultaneously keeping on top of filing, admin, staff and even tasks for their partners!


Juggling many tasks is something I was born to do, as I have always had a degree of OCD from a young age. After completing my family and re-marrying, I finally found the confidence to turn my dream into reality and I find no greater pleasure than helping people become more empowered and streamlined in their home and workplace.

Owning less helps simplify and streamline your life making you more efficient!

Let me bring calm to your life and help you re-organise and declutter your home or office…

Do you feel stressed when you open that wardrobe or cupboard door? I can assist you bring calm back into your world with the use of clever storage solutions and some creative re-arranging which makes such a difference! By working with you in your space and with your belongings we can make a luxurious clutter-free space that you will feel proud of and most of all, be able to relax in.


I am dedicated to reducing landfill and wherever possible will suggest selling or passing unloved or unwanted items on to charity or friends. I provide bin bags for you and we will carefully label and bag your belongings to ensure they get to the best location. I can remove charity items for you free of charge.

Free Cheshire and Manchester decluttering, tidying and organising consultations for your home, office and life…

The Neat Freak offers a free consultation where we chat over a cuppa, look at the work involved and discuss your expectations. From here we can make a plan of action and should you wish to make a booking a small deposit will secure your slot.


I have found over the years that the greatest benefit to the client is offering a full day so that they are not watching the time and worrying about finishing an area. Please be rest assured that I will not leave you in a mess and we allow time to tidy and put away before I leave.

Moving House

Packing, unpacking, clear-outs and also home staging should you require this service prior to selling.

Hire A PA For The Day

Use my skills to complete all those administration jobs you never have the time to do including filing, diary management, planning, booking in services/contractors sourcing quotes

Storage Detox

Do you know what is in your wardrobe, are you struggling for space, are you lost with where to put things – I can help you address this whilst teaching clever folding techniques and re-organising the space to make you smile again!

Decluttering  & Streamlining

I take it as my challenge to bring calm and space back to any areas. No job is too big or too small when it comes to decluttering and streamlining your space.

Home & Pet Monitoring

Whether you are away for business or pleasure, I will visit your home to check on things in general, feed animals, collect post, water the plants, fill the fridge with essentials for your return, organise transport, ensure lights are on at night and be on hand for any emergencies.

Bereavement & Anxiety

When a loved one passes, it’s extremely emotional and exhausting finding crucial documents, sorting sentimental items and organising a clearance. I can work alongside you, at your pace, in a sensitive and compassionate manner until we achieve your goals.

Locations Covered

My decluttering services mainly cover the regions of Cheshire and Greater Manchester, however I will also travel to any other location at additional cost.


Happy Clients

Contact me, Cheryl Iddon, for a free decluttering, tidying and organising consultation…

    We all know that having a good clear out and declutter makes us feel good – and there’s plenty of science to back up that sense of calm we experie...