4 mental health benefits of decluttering

4 mental health benefits of decluttering

We all know that having a good clear out and declutter makes us feel good – and there’s plenty of science to back up that sense of calm we experience when everything is in order.

But sadly this also works both ways. Over time, build-up of clutter and mess can significantly impact upon our mental health, exacerbating existing issues or even causing new ones.

Fortunately with some forward planning and professional help where needed you can get on top of things and restore a sense of calm and organisation in your life.

So if you need a little inspiration to finally get stuck into that decluttering and reorganisation you’ve been putting off for ages – here are four excellent reasons to schedule in a clear out!

A clearer mind and better focus

When you have a clear space, you’ll find more clarity mentally, too. Studies have shown that having physical clutter in our spaces (both at work and at home) can result in a cluttered, distracted mind and a feeling of being out of control. When you have a clear out you effectively press reset on your life and will even find it easier to install healthier new habits once everything has been put in its place. 

Less stress and reduced anxiety

When our home and everything around us is organised it significantly reduces our stress levels. I see so many clients who spend much of their time at home (where they should be able to rest!) running around frantically because things are disorganised, adding considerable stress to their lives. One recent study showed that women who described their homes as cluttered or unfinished had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their blood compared with those who said they had an orderly, tidy home.

The problem with this is that it becomes a vicious cycle. The anxiety caused by the clutter adds to your existing stress, the thought of sorting out so much stuff is stressful in itself, and before you know it you end up trapped in a seemingly never-ending loop of despair.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Scheduling a date to finally get on top of things (or having someone professional in to help you do so) will break that cycle – and it enables you to put healthy habits in place of unhelpful old ways of being.

Improved time management

Did you know that keeping things tidy can save you a lot of time? When you know exactly where everything is because your belongings are organised and in a proper place, you can put your hands on them easily without hours spent looking for them (which is pretty stressful in itself). Think of how much time you waste searching for things – not to mention the money you spend needlessly replacing them!

Over the course of a month you could stand to save hours of time usually spent sifting through clothes, everyday essentials (keys, wallet) and paperwork. What could you do with that time?

Enhanced mood

Having a lovely, clean, tidy home really does put us in a better mood! When we’re not angry because we can’t find something, or having to pick everything up off the floor after it avalanches out of that overstuffed cupboard we’ve been meaning to sort for weeks, we tend to be in a much better mood! That impacts on everyone around us, especially if we live with a partner and/or children – so it’s good news for anyone you share your home with.

If you’re ready to make a change, get in touch today to find out how working with me could help to ease your stress and improve your mental health.