5 tips to help you start the New Year clear from clutter!

5 tips to help you start the New Year clear from clutter!

2020 is coming to an end (finally!) – and for many of us it’s been an exhausting and trying 12 months.

Although this is the season to be jolly and hunker down with tasty treats and cosy blankets ready for winter hibernation, it’s also the perfect time to get organised now,ready for the new year. Today I’m sharing my top tips to help you enter 2021 feeling clean, clear and clutter-free!

Clear those piles of paperwork

Paperwork is a real bugbear for many of the people I work with. Most of my clients are drowning in piles of paperwork – which is often stashed away under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, in boxes under the stairs. You’d be surprised to hear that there are many things you don’t actually need to keep – such as instruction manuals and old bills. But most people know they have paperwork they no longer need to keep, they just need the time and mental energy to go through it! Organising paperwork into specific files and folders as you throw away will help make this task easier as the year goes on.

Throw out old food and clean your cupboards

We tend to accumulate food in our cupboards over the year – sometimes we forget it’s there and never use it, other times we try it and don’t like it as much as we thought we would (hello tasteless protein powder and extra hot chilli sauce!) Get rid of anything out of date, and package up the stuff you no longer need for the food bank (unopened, of course).

Out with the old, in with the new

Many of us typically take on more stuff around Christmas time, leaving even more items to sort and go through in the new year. Pre-empt this by taking a good look at what you have and asking yourself if there’s anything you’re happy to part with. If you find yourself with items you don’t love this Christmas, I recommend parting ways with them straight away. Yes, it’s controversial…especially as us Brits are particularly polite folk. But there’s no point in living with something you don’t love just for the sake of keeping it out of embarrassment or guilt. If the giver is unlikely to know whether you have kept their gift or not, pass it on to someone who will really appreciate it. This could even be a charity – new items will help them to raise much needed funds!

Chuck out tired old toiletries

Ah, toiletries. Most of us only use a few, but inexplicably we have so many! Out of date cosmetics and toiletries can actually irritate the skin or make us ill, so getting into the habit of conducting a regular clear out will be good for you mentally and physically. Manyof us will also receive lots of ‘smellies’ this Christmas – adding to the cosmetic clutter!

Spend a couple of hours going through your toiletries and throwing away anything you don’t use regularly, or any items that are out of date (the little open pot and number on the back will tell you how many months it’s safe to use your product for once opened). Your bathroom will feel much cleaner and clearer – and you can actually use the toiletries you love!

Sort the Christmas decs

Last but not least…this is the perfect time to use putting up (or taking down) your Christmas decorations as an opportunity to organise them nearly once and for all, making the annual ritual of decking the halls even more of a treat. Make the most of the momentary chaos and throw out anything you no longer love. Sort decorations into clear stacking boxes, grouped by item so you can easily find them next year.

Your future self will thank you!