5 ways to leave January’s lockdown lighter

New Year Decluttering

5 ways to leave January’s lockdown lighter

Whichever tier you’re in, January is a fabulous time to get cracking on that decluttering and tidying you’ve been meaning to do all year.

Post-Christmas we’re usually left with a lot more clutter and mess than previously, so bringing some order and organisation to your home will also bring a sense of calm and composure.

With a little more time on our hands, nowhere to go and weather conditions too harsh to venture outdoors, it’s time to turn the heating up, light some candles and get stuck in!

Put away pressies immediately

Do you ever find yourself months down the line surrounded by gifts you never found a home for after Christmas? It’s not uncommon – but it’s far from ideal as gifts naturally pile up over time until they’re out of control.

Take some time to look at everything you received at Christmas and consider where it should live. This may require reorganisation on a greater level if you don’t have specific spaces for things to go.

If you’re struggling to find a use or a home for something, ask yourself honestly if you really need to keep it. Unless you love it or will use it, I recommend parting ways with it. Somebody else could love and benefit from it if you give it to charity, raising much-needed funds for excellent causes.

Replenish and replace

Out with the old, in with the new. Take a good hard look at everything you own and decide whether each item is still fit for purpose, or past its prime. Make a pile of anything that needs replacing and donate to charity or chuck away, before treating yourself to a nice, new version! Give the things you plan to keep a really good clean. This is a lovely way to bring in the new year and freshen up your home. Often when things aren’t working properly as they should be use them less, or bury them under piles of stuff. This is a fab opportunity to unearth items and decide whether you truly need them – and if you do, start to use them!

Bring in some order

Over time even the most organised of homes need a bit of a re-evaluation to make sure everything still makes sense (yes, even my home!) Most people only get one opportunity to rejig their environment each year, so make it count and think about how you can logically organise your home to make it work better for you. Expert help is often invaluable in this process – feel free to give me a call if you would like a consultation!

Cull your clothes

In winter we’re living in cosy PJs, comfy sweats and thick, fluffy coats. Often it puts into perspective how little of our wardrobe we actually do wear when left to our own devices without work commitments or engagements, especially during lockdown. The new year is typically a time when people reinvent themselves and revamp their look – but before you buy anything new, be sure to ‘out with the old’ first. If you don’t fancy going through absolutely everything you own, why not just go through your summer clothes and get rid of everything you no longer need or love?

Being in colder months will give you some perspective so you can really be subjective about what you’ll actually wear and should keep. Vacuum packing clothes you rarely wear (such as occasion wear) can save you tonnes of space and time looking for the items you do wear.

And although you may be planning on losing a little weight before summer – and likely will – the general rule is don’t hold onto things that no longer fit you properly.

Invest in new storage

Everybody’s guilty of having boxes, bags and all sorts of vessels which in theory could work to organise your possessions, but often don’t work together cohesively to make your life easier.

Reassess your current storage situation and act accordingly. You’d be surprised how many people have ten small boxes when they actually need five large ones! Although it’s tempting to avoid waste, if your current array of storage isn’t working for you, replace it. You can donate boxes to charity, or even swap them with friends or family so that you all end up with storage you’ll use. Plastic boxes can become brittle over time and may need replacing.