Decluttering ready for Christmas

Decluttering ready for Christmas

It’s November – which means we’re only a month and a half away from final preparations for Christmas Day! Where has this year gone??

Christmas could look a little different this year, but whether we gather with our loved ones or not who wouldn’t want that calm, peaceful feeling of complete organisation and perfect order? Knowing that everything is neatly tidied away, out of sight and find should you need it. If this sounds like something you’d like, but doesn’t feel like it’s in reach, this blog is for you. As always get in touch if you need professional help or personalised tips and support!

Declutter during the darker months

The clocks have gone back, and that officially means the nights are darker earlier. This is the perfect opportunity for decluttering, especially for those looking for a productive indoor activity during lockdown. When it’s sunny and warm nobody wants to spend balmy nights stuck indoors. But when it’s dark, you can light your candles, turn the heating up and pull everything out to sort and organise. Use this time wisely – it’ll also help free up headspace and keep things calmer and tidier through the festive season.

Put away while you’re putting up

One fabulous way to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ is to sort out Christmas decorations while you’re putting them up. We all have things we don’t use anymore and often we add to our collection of decorations each year, so they can build up significantly. Go through everything you have, and sort it into separate piles according to its function – so baubles in one box, ornaments in another, lights in another. Get rid of plastic bags, bin bags and cardboard boxes – replace them with sturdy clear plastic containers so that you can easily see what’s inside. Keeping everything organised will make it much easier to put it all away come January, too – and your future self will thank you when you come to put up the tree next year!

Organise Christmas wrapping for an ease and flow next year

Lots of people absolutely loathe the task of wrapping. I love it – the whole process of getting out all my paper and gifts and spending an evening wrapping is one of the joys of Christmas for me! Many of my clients have several bags or boxes packed with wrapping paper, ribbons, various packing items that are stuffed in at random, totally unorganised, exploding out of the box as soon as it’s opened. This is obviously less than ideal, because you can’t properly see what you’ve got and which paper matches, which adds significant time onto the chore of wrapping (and could cause you to buy more, then double up on items you already have).You’ll also find that there are generally items that get overlooked time and time again, sothrow away anything you don’t love and will never use.

Again, create different piles for different items, so gift bags in one pile, ribbons in another, paper in another, then reorganise into boxes. I like to put smaller baskets into large clear plastic containers – so you can see what’s inside and keep everything all together at the same time. A long, clear box could for example have several baskets inside – one for tags, one for ribbon, one for bows – the list goes on! This box can then be stored out of the way in a garage, shed or loft until next Christmas.

Need organisation and decluttering pre-Christmas, or help with your Christmas wrapping? Get in touch today.