Five benefits of decluttering

Five benefits of decluttering

However much we hate doing it, deep down we all know that decluttering is good for us. Human beings aren’t designed to amassmultitudes of ‘things’ and live in a chaotic mess. We’re simple creatures, and although consumerism constantly tells us we need to buy more, be more, and do more, actually the fewer things we have around us and on our minds and the less that is expected of us, the better we feel. Less really is more!

To prove it, our brains (and bodies) feel better when we have less stuff. Most people say they feel like a weight has lifted when they clear out the old and make space to breathe. Minimalism isn’t just a philosophy – it’s a way of life – and it’s easy to see why.

Of course, most of us want to hang on to a selection of cherished possessions – but just the thought of wading through the ‘bad stuff’ to get to the good is enough to put us off doing it.

Decluttering is the art of condensing our belongings, but also organising the belongings we do have, and want to keep. Here are my favourite five benefits of decluttering – to use as an incentive when you know you need to have a good sort out, but can’t find the motivation!

1/ Clearer house, clearer mind

You know that wonderful feeling when everything’s clean and tidy and you feel calm, relaxed and at ease? It’s the best, isn’t it? Inner peace is easier to find when your external environment is clear. It’s getting there that’s the problem for many. ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m too stressed’, ‘I’m too tired’ – these are all things I hear from my clients. People feel like they’re making excuses – but often that’s honestly how they feel. Life gets in the way, and soon what used to be a fairly small problem is a monumental one you need professional help to tackle. But when you need motivation, just think about that feeling. How wonderful will that be? The relief, the peace.Multiple studies show that a cluttered, messy environment increases anxiety and stress. Use your mental health as an incentive to declutter and feel zen again.

2/ Getting organised saves you time

We can all benefit from more hours in the day. How wonderful would it be if you had an extra few minutes to watch your favourite drama, or put your feet up with a cup of tea? This is one often overlooked gift decluttering can give to us – the precious gift of time.

When you’re organised and you know where everything is, you don’t waste time frantically looking for stuff or missing appointments, being late, causing extra work making copies or ringing people up to get copies of things you ‘lost’ sent over. Instead of spending 5 minutes searching for that paperwork, it’s accessible within seconds. Rather than spending half an hour on the phone to the solicitor to get a copy of that important document, it’s right there ready for you to send. In fact, getting everything properly organised could save you as much as an hour per day in wasted time (and the frustration that comes with it). That’s 7 extra hours per week – or a whopping 15 days a year! Think about what you could do with that time…the possibilities are endless.

3/ A cleaner, allergen-free home

Clutter and mess attract dust and dirt – which means that even if you clean on a regular basis, your home is still going to be muckierwhich it’s cluttered than when it isn’t. Decluttering and organising (then keeping things that way) will keep your home naturally clean and can massively reduce the number of dust particles in the air. Dust and dirt collect on and around items, especially when surfaces are messy, so keeping things clean and tidy means you can easily get access to and wipe these spaces. This is especially important for those with allergies, sensitive skin, eczema, asthma and other respiratory conditions. The habit of putting things away keeps the bugs at bay!

4/ Discover (and enjoy) beloved items

They say you shouldn’t have anything in your home that isn’t useful or beautiful – and that’s a philosophy I personally subscribe to. When decluttering with clients we often come across treasures they had completely forgotten about – or never knew they had. These are cherished possessions – but they’ve been buried in mounds of clutter and other items you’re happily chucking in the bin.

Uncover your lost treasure and actually enjoythose items rather than leaving them hidden away, collecting dust.

5/ Save money

We all love a bargain – because we like to save money. So what if I told you decluttering your home could actually help you save some extra pennies?

When you declutter and reorganise you can easily see everything you’ve got, and how much of each thing you have. This enables you to see where you need to spend money on new things, and where you don’t. So no, you don’t need any more towels because you have 20!

Often we also find things when we’re clearing out that we forgot we had – I’ve lost count of the times we’ve found three or four ‘replacements’ for something that was thought to be lost or had been forgotten about. Oh, and you can always make some money and sell your old unwanted stuff on eBay or at car boots.

Better habits, better life

Once you declutter, you’ll be able to enjoy a more manageable and organised environment which is easy to keep tidy and clean. You’ll have that incentive to keep it that way, because it looks and feels good.

If incentive alone isn’t enough and you find yourself slipping or clutter begins to build, professional decluttering services may be useful for you. I show you tools and tricks to help prevent you from falling back into unhelpful old habits which keep you trapped in a cluttered environment.

If you need professional support with decluttering and reorganising your home or business, get in touch today for tailored, friendly advice.