Make packing up your home less ‘chore’ and more ‘charming’ – my expert tips

Make packing up your home less ‘chore’ and more ‘charming’ – my expert tips

People’s jaws literally drop to the floor when I tell them I love packing up ready to move to a new home. For most people, it’s literally one of the most stressful aspects of the moving process. Realising how much stuff you actually have, then trying to figure out where to put it, how to pack it, and whether to keep the mountains of clutter takes up a phenomenal amount of time and emotional energy.

I’m actually moving to a new house over the next few weeks, and nothing brings me more joy than glancing over at that fresh batch of packing paper in a neat pile ready to go – or the boxes lined up ready to be filled. I do so knowing that everything is already organised, waiting to be packed up and sent off for a fresh new start.

One lesser-known advantages of decluttering your home is that it makes it much, much easier to pack when you move to a new one.Here are my tips and some inspiration to help you get organised and ready to make that move – stress free (almost!)

An organised home is easier to pack

Most people associate packing up to move with a nightmare scenario because their current home is packed to the rafters with clutter. They just can’t stomach the thought of having to contend with huge piles of stuff, trying to organise (and safely wrap and package) so many items. But if everything’s already organised, and you’re on top of your clutter, it’s nowhere near as difficult.

I adopt tailored approaches with each and every one of my clients, because everyone is different. But one thing I consistently provide across the board is structure and a sense of stability and calm. This enables my clients not only to lead much easier, less stressful daily lives – but also to more quickly and simply pack up whether they’re going on holiday or moving on to pastures new!

Organise by area and items to make life easier

For all my clients I recommend keeping things together – this ensures you know where everything is and can easily get your hands on it when you need it. This saves you a lot of time and frustration, but it also makes things easier if you decide to move. That lovely box or basket can be packed as-is or decanted into a labelled box ready for your new home.

Imagine the bliss of unpacking everything perfectly ready for a fresh start

Although the thought of decluttering might be super stressful, I always say that once we start things get better – because they do! I see it with every single client. At first it’s usually a bit slow and steady, but we quickly gather place as the client feels calmer and more confident. Soon they’re chucking stuff in bags, gleefully waving goodbye to the things that don’t bring them joy. Over time, it gets easier – especially as the number of items diminishes.

If it helps to keep you motivated, try visualising that feeling of relief and bliss you’ll get as you step into your new home, knowing that everything is perfectly packed ready to quickly and easily locate, unpack and use.

Moving house is a naturally stressful process – but packing up and preparing for the relocation can be one less stress to contend with. Whether you want to get organised ready for a pending move, or just want to declutter and feel free and more ‘together’ than ever before, give me a shout! I offer free, no-pressure, no-obligation consultations.