Preparing for a staycation – my top tips

Preparing for a staycation – my top tips

This year many of us are opting to holiday at home and enjoy a staycation.

But the packing requirements for a local trip are totally different and more complex compared with an all-inclusive beach holiday – which can make preparing for a domestic getaway a tad stressful for some.

If this sounds like you, don’t panic! I’m here with some of my top tips to help your summer getaway stay as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Pack the essentials first

Whether you’re staying in a self-catering cottage or camping out, you’ll likely need a few added extras compared with staying in a hotel abroad. Make a list of the essentials – whether that’s tents, sleeping bags, bedding, extender leads or your favourite coffee pods. Be sure to organise those and pack them first, as these are the things you don’t want to find you’ve forgotten when you arrive at your destination! This also takes the stress out of frantic last-minute packing.

Travel as light as possible

When you’re going on a staycation and using your car, it can be tempting to overpack without. The restriction of airline baggage limits. But just because you have a car, doesn’t mean you should fill it! When we overpack for a staycation, it makes it incredibly difficult to see what you’ve brought or find what you need. The less you have with you, the more enjoyable your trip will be. Really drill down to what exactly you will need to take with you, and don’t be tempted to take unnecessary items ‘just in case’. Act as if you have a 15kg limit on each bag or suitcase, and only take one bag for each member of the family.

Think about food

You’ll likely be treating yourself to some delicious meals while you’re away – but if you’re camping or self-catering, you might need basic staple items like tea, coffee, cereal and snacks. Again, don’t be tempted to go overboard here. Only pack what you think you’ll need for a few days or can’t easily buy in supermarkets – there will be shops! Dedicate one small bag or box to food, and plan a few meals in advance such as breakfasts and lunches so that you know exactly how much to bring. Decant boxed items like cereal bars and snacks into separate clear plastic bags, with labels so that you can easily put your hands on something should you need it. Once you’ve done this, you might also like to make a shopping list for fresh items you’ll need to buy once you’re there. This takes the added stress out of going for a food shop during your first few hours on holiday – you may even be able to schedule a delivery if your accommodation isn’t too remote!

Be outfit savvy

Be realistic about the amount of clothes you’ll need for your trip, whether you’ll be away for five nights or fifteen. Your clothing selection for a staycation is likely to be more bulky, since we do tend to have unpredictable weather here in the UK. This makes packing your clothes even more challenging – and important.

Pick out clothes you can wear a couple of times – and if there are washing facilities, use them! Pack items that can be mixed and matched and layered up to deal with changeable weather, so you’ll be prepared come rain or shine! Take one waterproof coat per family member and keep them together ready for action.

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